Withstanding a Reversal of Fortune

By WGBH News

Feb. 28, 2012

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream heir John Robbins made a choice long ago to live a healthy, frugal and positive life.  When he discovered his wealth had disappeared in the hands of Bernie Maddoff, he kept his resolve to be compassionate and focus on the important things in life: not money, but famiily and friends.

Read John's blog to learn about his choice to become vegetarian and his work for animal rights and environmental justice. Listen to WGBH host Bob Seay's discussion of Robbin's life work with David Freudberg, host of the weekly series, Humankind.

Robbins travels often to share his stories of hope and healing. Below, he discusses how lifestyle choices affect the way we age, and speaks about several cultures known for their longevity.

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