Xconomy Report: Corporate Eyes Are Watching You

By Xconomy.com

Feb. 10, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The next time you’re on a video conference call, you might want to check who else is watching. Many video conferences — including sensitive boardroom discussions — are susceptible to corporate spying, according to Rapid7, a Boston software company that is helping organizations guard against this threat. Rapid7 is part of a growing cluster of Massachusetts security companies. The firm raised $50 million in venture funding last year and has grown to 240 employees.
On the life sciences front, Celgene continued its recent streak of deals with Boston biotechs, with a $15 million investment in Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, a startup funded by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Under the heading of “companies looking to go public,” Cambridge-based Radius Health, which is developing a treatment for osteoporosis, has filed for an $86 million IPO. Meanwhile, fellow Cambridge firm HubSpot, which makes Web marketing software, has hired Akamai’s former chief financial officer as it too makes a push to join the ranks of the publicly traded.

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