Xconomy Report For Nov. 4, 2011

By Xconomy.com

Nov. 4, 2011

BOSTON — Which of the following publicly traded tech companies is based in the Boston area: Zipcar, Akamai, Constant Contact, iRobot, LogMeIn or Monster.com? The answer is: All of them. Together with fast-growing upstarts such as HubSpot, Gemvara, Kayak, TripAdvisor and Wayfair, such firms are generating a renewed sense that big companies can be built here and can become anchors for talent. Perhaps that’s why Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who is recruiting at Harvard and MIT on Monday, said that if he were starting now, he would stay in Boston.
In other innovation news, a new Cambridge-based company called Tru.ly released its technology for verifying internet users’ real identities and ages online, in an attempt to bar underage viewers from beer websites, online gambling and the like.
The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and actress Julie Andrews are funding an effort by MIT and Harvard researchers to develop a vibrating gel that would revive damaged vocal cords for singers and throat cancer patients.
And a stem cell company called Verastem is attempting to go public at just 15 months old. The Cambridge-based company raised $32 million this July and is targeting $50 million more with the initial public offering.
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