Xconomy Report: Get Stupid, Student

By Xconomy.com

Jan. 20, 2012

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Top scientists and educators give their take on what students will need to know to succeed in the future. (Brad Flickinger/Flickr)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — How can students prepare for the world they'll face in 10 years? With a strong work ethic, rigor in their thinking and entrepreneurial energy, says Desh Deshpande, MIT benefactor and founder of Sycamore Networks. He was polled alongside 21 other innovators for a national report on the future of education put together by Xconomy. For Babson College president Len Schlesinger, the answer was “productive stupidity” — which he described as a daring mentality that could lead to big discoveries. You can read the full report at Xconomy.com/education.
In other innovation news, Constant Contact, the Waltham-based online marketing firm, has acquired Boston-based CardStar, which makes a mobile app for consolidating membership and rewards cards. The move is Constant Contact's first foray into mobile tech and consumer loyalty.
Bedford-based Joule Unlimited raised another $70 million to put toward its technology, which converts sunlight and carbon dioxide into fuels such as diesel and ethanol.
Finally for this week, Cambridge-based Constellation Pharmaceuticals has formed a $95 million partnership with Genentech to develop treatments for cancer and other diseases.

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