Xconomy Report: Mobile Cashes In

By Gregory T. Huang, Editor, Xconomy Boston

June 8, 2012
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Mobile technology is in the air this week, as a trio of Boston-area startups have announced significant deals. Local companies SCVNGR and Cartera Commerce have raised $12 million each to expand their mobile payment and local rewards programs. Their bigger idea is to work with banks and merchants to help create the digital future of money. Meanwhile, Cambridge-based Crashlytics is acquiring FireTower App, another Boston firm, in an effort to own a big slice of software development for smartphones and tablets — in other words, to go after the whole software industry in the post-PC era.
In other innovation news…
Despite the recent doom and gloom in the U.S. solar industry, a Salem, N.H., startup called AmberWave has spun out of an old semiconductor maker to focus on developing more efficient solar cells.
PerkinElmer has announced the creation of a Personalized Health Innovation Center, which will add about 100 new jobs to the life sciences company’s Hopkinton facility.
And finally, our quote of the week comes from investor Fred Destin of Atlas Venture. He says the Boston tech ecosystem “suffers from not being open enough and not selling itself well.” Destin will be speaking at Xconomy’s fourth annual XSITEconference at Babson College on June 14, which is our own effort to open some doors in the innovation community.


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