Xconomy Report: Protecting Online Privacy

By Xconomy.com

Dec. 9, 2011

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Advertisers are watching you. They see your every move. That's why Boston startup Abine is working on software to protect Web users' privacy.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — When you go online, do you know who’s tracking you? Advertisers want access to your preferences, your social network, your location and your search history. Now, Boston startup Abine is trying to give consumers more control over their personal information. The 2-year-old company makes software that blocks unwanted Web tracking. Its service also removes people from online databases. Abine’s timing is good, as Facebook and other companies are taking a lot of flak over user privacy.

And now for the week’s innovation deals news from A to Z:

- Actifio, a Waltham-based startup working on data backup and protection for big companies, raised $33.5 million in venture funding.

- Weston-based Biogen Idec and Korean conglomerate Samsung are forming a $300 million joint venture to develop low-cost, generic versions of biotech drugs

- Zink Imaging inked a $35 million investment and hired two Polaroid veterans as co-CEOs. The Bedford, Mass.–based company is developing technology for inkless printers that can connect to portable devices.

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