Xconomy Report: Remembering Norman Priebatsch

By Xconomy.com

April 6, 2012

norman priebatsch

Entrepreneur Norman Priebatsch, shown here with his two children, was remembered at an April 5 service. (Facebook)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A local tech startup is drawing the attention of some big educational publishers — and not necessarily in a good way. Boston-based Boundless Learning is being sued in U.S. District Court by Pearson Education, Cengage Learning and Macmillan, over alleged copyright infringement. Boundless makes a software platform designed to let college students access free online course materials. The young startup has just raised an $8 million venture round and is looking to disrupt the entrenched textbook industry, but it’s now clear that publishers are not going down without a fight.
In other innovation news...
Local video-game companies such as The Tap Lab, Harmonix and Fire Hose Games will be showing off their wares this weekend at PAX East, the big gamer expo that’s in Boston for its third year. 
Our deal of the week is a $37 million funding round raised by OvaScience, a biotech startup using stem-cell science to treat infertility.
And on a sad note, Boston-area life sciences entrepreneur Norman Priebatsch is missing and presumed dead after an April 1 hiking accident on Mount Washington. Priebatsch leaves behind a wife, Suzanne; his son, Seth, who runs Boston tech startup SCVNGR and his daughter, Daniella, who works at Google. He was 67.

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