Xconomy Report: Treatment For Parkinson's

By Xconomy.com

Dec. 2, 2011

michael j. fox xconomy report

Michael J. Fox's charity has awarded a local startup funds to improve Parkinson's treatment. (Bryan Adams)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Actor Michael J. Fox’s charity foundation awarded a grant to Chelsea, Mass.–based Civitas Therapeutics, a startup working to improve the standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Patients usually take the drug, L-Dopa, in pill form, but Civitas is developing a version that they could inhale to get quicker, more precise doses of the medication. The company will test the inhalable drug in a pair of clinical trials over the next year.
In other innovation news, Boston-based Retroficiency, a developer of software for measuring the energy impact of commercial building upgrades, raised $3.3 million from venture investors.
Cambridge-based MedicalRecords.com is raising half a million dollars to support the development of its website, which connects sellers of electronic medical records software with doctors looking to go digital.
And software maker Symantec said it will use location-finding technology from Boston’s Skyhook Wireless in its web service for locating missing laptops and Android tablets and phones. The deal gets Skyhook’s technology into Google’s Android platform despite Skyhook's ongoing lawsuits against the Internet giant.

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