Xconomy Report: Video Game Medicine

By Xconomy.com

Mar. 16, 2012

Dr. Mario

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Could your child leave his next checkup with a prescription for a video game? Akili Interactive Labs, founded by Boston’s PureTech Ventures, is hoping its game — designed to treat ADHD, autism and the like — will be the first one approved by the Food and Drug Association as a medical device. Akili was co-founded by San Francisco-based neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley. It’s unclear at this point how the game will work, but Akili is betting it can improve cognition by tapping into the brain’s capacity to overcome interruptions through practice. That’s more than Angry Birds can say. 

In other innovation news …
Burlington-based Demandware is the latest local tech company to go public, joining the ranks of TripAdvisor, Brightcove and Carbonite. The e-commerce software firm raised $88 million in its IPO and is valued at around half a billion dollars.
Not to be outdone, Lowell-based semiconductor firm M/A-COM Technology (pronounced "May-com") has also gone public this week, raising over $100 million in its offering.
And our quote of the week comes from Ted Morgan, CEO of Boston-based Skyhook, who offered this advice for companies building mobile software, platforms and apps: “Google and Apple want to own the whole stack. It’s hard for startups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”

p.s. Dr. Mario, anyone?

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