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Your Inner Fish

How did the human body become the complicated, quirky, and amazing machine it is today? Your Inner Fish reveals a startling truth: hidden within the human body is a story of life on Earth, and the legacy of animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. The series travels from Africa to the Arctic Circle to uncover the 3.5 billion year history of the human body—and how a colorful cast of ancient fish, reptiles, and primate characters made us who we are today.

Find out about the long journey to human-hood tonight starting at 8pm on WGBH 2.

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Image credit:  iStockphoto/Craig Dingle

Funding for WGBH’s digital mural has been provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, a program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, administered through a collaborative arrangement between MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


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