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BOSTON — Boston's branch of the international Occupy Wall Street protests began marching and setting up tents the weekend of Sept. 30, 2011. WGBH News has followed the movement the whole way.

Dec. 19: What Would Don Draper Do?

The Occupy movement has taken a beating in the press and elsewhere — and finds its image in desperate need of repair. For a fix, we look to an unlikely source: the advertising industry.

> > Dec. 21: Pick a slogan for the Occupy movement.

Dec. 13: What Went Wrong, What Went Right 

Occupy Boston is the most-publicized protest movement in some time. Yet a recent poll found 53 percent of Americans neither support nor oppose the movement. WGBH News looked at the organizational issues Occupy has had to struggle with to assess its success to date.

Dec. 12: A Suburban View 

In WGBH News' Occupy “report card," one particular comment caught our attention: Alex Ingram, a spokesman for Occupy Boston, said the movement had to get the message out to the suburbs. We sent reporter Cristina Quinn to Weymouth, Mass., a suburb that walks a political tightrope, to see where the movement might be headed next.

Dec. 11: Arrested Occupiers Hailed As Heroes 

After the Dec. 10 eviction, about 300 Occupy Boston protesters gathered to debate the movement's next steps and to hail the 46 members who were arrested in the morning's raid.

Dec. 9: Friday Dawns With No Police Raid At Occupy Camp 

A night that began with tension turned into celebration as mayor Thomas Menino's eviction deadline passed with no police action.

VIDEO: Occupy Boston In The Small Hours

VIDEO: "Evict-ory" Shot by Eric Gulliver of "Frontline"

AUDIO: A Review Of The Eviction That Wasn't

AUDIO: We Read Your Occupy Boston 'Report Card' On The Air

Dec. 8: The Day Of The Deadline 

Facing a deadline of midnight to clear out of Dewey Square, protesters said the movement's not over.

Dec. 8: The Occupy Movement Report Card 

How effective are the Occupy movement's tactics, messaging and strategies? At the end of term-time, an academic, an Occupier, a Tea Partier and five Democratic candidates gave their grades.

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Dec. 7: At Dems' Debate, Warren Grilled On Occupy Boston 

The liveliest moment of Democratic Senate debate on Tuesday night came when the five Democrats who want to take on Sen. Scott Brown were asked a yes or no question: Whether Occupy Boston, while fighting for a more permanent encampment in Boston, be allowed to build a winterized tent on public land.

Dec. 5: Occupiers Fail To Bring New Tent Into Camp

Occupy Boston activists tried to bring in a fire-resistant tent into the Dewey Square encampment on Dec. 5. The effort failed when police blocked their path.

Dec. 1–2: Judge Delays Decision On Occupy Boston

Both sides stated their case in a packed room at Suffolk Superior Court. The judge said she would hand down a decision by mid-December. Activists left chalking up what they believed to be another legal victory, at least in the short run.

Dec. 1: After Confrontation With Phila. Mayor, Occupiers Go To Court

On Nov. 30, members of Occupy Boston engaged in a confrontation at a Harvard forum with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who said he had no choice but to oust that city's occupiers from City Hall. The protesters woke up the next morning and went straight to court for a hearing on an injunction that would require the city to give notice before taking any eviction action.

Nov. 30: Occupy Boston And The 'Big Tent'

The Occupy movement's emphasis on including different views reminds some analysts of old Democratic Party national conventions. Can everyone fit under the tent?

Nov. 29: Solidarity Frays At Occupy Boston Camp 

A dramatic sea change appears to be taking place at the Occupy Boston encampment downtown. For the first time, we are witnessing the depth of problems, including drug use and violence, directly from the protesters.

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