The Case for Black With a Capital B


Basic Black: Provocative, Timely, and No Scripts...

Friday - November 21, 2014 at 7:30pm | WGBH 2/HD | basicblack.org


This week on Basic Black: President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet                             to his detractors on immigration reform in the form of an executive order. Who does it impact and does this signal the beginning of a battle with Congress?                                       Later in the show, the unmaking of an icon, as up to 13 women have come forward with     accusations of sexual assault against comedian Bill Cosby.

- Latoyia Edwards, anchor, NECN
- Phillip Martin, senior reporter, WGBH News
- Kim McLarin, cultural commentator and Assistant Professor of Writing, Emerson College
- Michael Jeffries, Associate Professor of American Studies, Wellesley College
- Julio Varela, journalist and founder, Latino Rebels


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