The Case for Black With a Capital B



Blacks and Basketball - 1975

This program addresses the need for black colleges to remain vital and relevant within the community of four-year academic institutions in the United States. Despite admissions opportunities for African Americans in historically white academic institutions, the program argues that these schools are still unequipped to address the needs of blacks. Program segments specifically target the African American athlete recruited by predominantly white academic institutions to play on sports teams, and how this alters his/her educational prospects, and include an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Eliash Blake as conducted by Dr. Gerald Durley at the Institute for Services to Education workshop. Additional segments include "Spotlight" with New York Knickerbockers television analyst Cal Ramsey interviewing basketball player Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, an excerpt from an interview with Tom "Satch" Sanders (basketball coach of Harvard University ) on racism in athletics, the "Historical Minute" with Georgia State Representative Julian Bond; a public service listing of contact information for historically African American colleges, "Commentary" by professor and historian A.B. Spellman on the changes taking place in historically black schools, and segment interludes with Reggie Torrian (of The Impressions), Wolf (of the musical group Mandrill), and musician Grover Washington.

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