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London Bridgez and TEDx Roxbury Women 2013

By Talia Whyte
December 2013

The second annual TEDxRoxburyWomen conference was held at UMASS Boston on December 6, with a fabulous roster of local, up and coming women speakers sharing their big ideas.  Many of the other attendees I spoke to were impressed with the large number of younger women present who took their self empowerment seriously.

I’ve attended TEDx conferences before in other cities, but what sets TEDxRoxburyWomen apart from other TEDx events is that all the speakers were women of color.  Also, most TEDx events generally revolve around technological innovation.  The Roxbury women spoke about the economic, social and political struggles and victories they are seeing in communities of color.

The second day of the TEDxRoxburyWomen’s weekend focused on health and wellness with a series of workshops at the Roxbury YMCA and ending with healthy meals at Haley House.

Roxbury resident Janice Dickson only found out about the weekend events the day before and cleared her schedule to be at the Y.   

“I think it is great to have black women organizing like this, especially younger black women,” Dickson said.  “Black women are the mothers and bosses in the community, so we need to have more spaces like this to have our voices heard.”