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Basic Black: Feminism Isn't Black and White

December 20, 2013

This week on Basic Black, our first conversation examines the recent media coverage of Michelle Obama and the meaning of feminism to women of color.  An article in Politico dubbed the First Lady as a "feminist nightmare" while later coverage characterized her as the "angry black woman" when the President took a selfie with Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.  Both episodes illustrated the great divide between black and white women on the issue of feminism , with many African American commentators saying, in essence, "your feminism ain't like mine…"

- Latoyia Edwards, Anchor, NECN
- Phillip Martin, Senior Reporter, WGBH News
- Kim McLarin, cultural commentator and Assistant Professor of Writing, Emerson College
- Peniel Joseph, Professor of History, Tufts University
- Michael Jeffries, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Wellesley College

(Photo:  First Lady Michelle Obama introducing President Barack Obama before his address to injured veterans and guests on the critical issues facing veterans during the DAV National Convention in Orlando, Fla. Michelle Obama is taking her “Let’s Move!” campaign to Arthur Ashe Kids Day. AP Photo/Julie Fletcher - Aug. 10, 2013, File)