The Case for Black With a Capital B

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Basic Black: The Year of the Gun

December 18, 2015

This year has been tragically and persistently the year of the gun. But gun violence is nothing new in communities of color; we’ll take a look at the impact of potential reforms and the resistance to such reforms. The long-awaited Star Wars movie opens on December 18. In the run up to the premiere, controversy swirled around the fact that one of the main characters is black. We’ll take a look at the meaning of characters of color in science fiction.

- Callie Crossley, Host, Under The Radar with Callie Crossley, WGBH News
- Phillip Martin, Senior Reporter, WGBH News
- Andrea Cabral, Former Secretary of Public Safety, Massachusetts
- Marcela Garcia, Contributor to the Editorial and Op-Ed Pages, The Boston Globe
- Alex Veras, Cafe Con Leche Republicans

(AP Photo/Princes Georges Police)