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Basic Black - Flint: Michigan's Hurricane Katrina?

January 29, 2016

This week on Basic Black, an environmental and public health crisis one year in the making.?In Flint, Michigan, residents are still reeling from the impact of the foul smelling brown water pumped into their homes through corroded lead lined pipes. Now more than a year after the first complaints from residents and warnings from independent experts, President Obama has ordered federal aid for Flint. Many are comparing the failure of local leadership to the devastating inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina. Are people or color and the poor most likely to be victims of environmental racism?


- Callie Crossley, Host, Under the Radar with Callie Crossley, WGBH 89.7

- Veronica Eady, VP and Director, The Conversation Law Foundation

- Kalila Barnett, Executive Director, Alternatives for Community and Environment

- Penn Loh, Director of the Master of Public Policy Program and Community Practice, Tufts University