The Case for Black With a Capital B

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Basic Black: 2016 Mass. Ballot Initiatives

When voters around the city of Boston go to the polls, they are not only voting for a new president, they will also be voting on several ballot initiatives that will affect the lives of people in the state.  Two of the ballot initiatives—numbers two and four--about lifting the cap on charter schools and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, have been widely discussed and debated.  This week’s show discusses the realities and concerns on these issues for communities of color.
-Callie Crossley, Host of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley
-Phillip Martin, WGBH News
-Kim McLarin, Assoc. Professor, Writing, Literature & Publishing, Emerson College
-Yawu Miller, Senior Editor, Bay State Banner; Rahsaan D. Hall, Director of the Racial Justice Program, ACLU of Mass.