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The 11th Annual Roxbury Film Festival






The 11th Annual Roxbury Film Festival
By Bridgit Brown

Roxbury is becoming a summer destination of choice for budding filmmakers due to the Roxbury Film Festival. Held in late July every year, close to 4,500 people attend the seven day stretch of independent film screenings, celebrity guest appearances, acting, directing, filmmaking workshops, and discussions about some of the
most critical issues affecting people of color. That's what's up!


I was glad to have met the actress and comedian Marla Gibbs at this year's festival. She attended the screening of "Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy," a ninety-minute documentary directed by Robert Townsend (who attended the 2007 RFF). This film documented the rise of black comedians from Steppin Fetchit to Chris Rock, and it featured Gibbs, Paul Mooney, Tommy Davidson, Katt Williams, D.L Hughley, and many other black comedy heavy-hitters.


When asked to say a few words about the Roxbury Film Festival, among other things, Gibbs gave me a high-five and said, "The Roxbury Film Festival Rocks, Baby!"


This dynamic festival is always the result of long months of planning by a volunteer committee that convenes at the beginning of the year to help to bring to life some of the good things about Roxbury and people
of color. I was fortunate to talk to a few of the folks that helped to setoff such a lively event in the heart of Boston's black community.