The Death of DJ Henry: Complete Coverage from WGBH News

By Phillip Martin

The October 2010 shooting death of Danroy “DJ” Henry Jr., the Pace University football player from Easton, Massachusetts, has continued to stir controversy on a number of levels that go well beyond this single incident. 

As part of his ongoing coverage, WGBH News' Phillip Martin explored those issues in a special four-part series, DJ Henry and the Training of Police, that won a 2011 PASS Award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. You can read and hear all Martin's stories on the subject via the timeline on this page.

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Part 1: A Crowd, a Car and a Gun

The Henry family

Who was DJ Henry? And who was Aaron Hess, the former U.S. Marine who was on duty with the Pleasantville police force that night? Henry's best friend remembers October 17 and the events that brought the football player and policeman together — with fatal results. Read Part 1.

The Emily Rooney Show: A Family Still Searches for Answers, Justice

Hip-hop stars Kanye West and Jay-Z considered DJ Henry's case an example of another black man dying young of violent causes. They dedicated this song, from their 2011 album "Watch The Throne," to Henry.

Murder to Excellence (clean) - Jay Z & Kanye West by Imagem Creative

Part 2: DJ Henry, Eurie Stamps and Race

Henry's football helmet

A grand jury did not proceed with a case against Officer Aaron Hess. But some continued to question the role of race in Henry's death — especially after a retired MBTA worker named Eurie Stamps was shot by a Framingham police officer in January 2011. Read Part 2.

The Callie Crossley Show: DJ Henry, Race and Police

Part 3: DJ Henry and the Police Response

The Henry family

Some police experts say the force needs to train officers to de-escalate conflicts and increase sensitivity to racial stereotypes. The six-month training program for new Massachusetts police was created to prevent the kind of situations that may have led to the deaths of DJ Henry and Eurie Stamps. Read Part 3.


Coda: The Henry Case Today

After the end of the local criminal investigation, the Henry family asked the federal Department of Justice to conduct a civil rights review. We follow up on the tributes, the lawsuits and the lives that were forever changed. Read Coda.

Kyle Henry recorded a video message to supporters of the family. (KditaOtaku15/YouTube)


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