Mayor Kevin White: Complete WGBH News Coverage

By WGBH News

Feb. 1, 2012

BOSTON — Former Boston mayor Kevin White died on Jan. 27, 2012 at the age of 82. We look back at his legacy over four terms of change.


Mayor White's Funeral — Boston luminaries gathered on Feb. 1 to pay their last respects.

from the vault

From The WGBH Vault: Trying Times — These exclusive WGBH videos show key moments when White tried to negotiate tensions over race.

kevin white james brown

In The Crowd For James Brown And Kevin White — In 1968, White spoke at a James Brown concert to promote interracial peace. Attendee (and now WGBH host) Al Davis talks about how that message sounded from the audience.

landsmark soiling of old glory

Boston's School Desegregation Era — Civil rights leaders, politicians and residents examine mayor White's role in one of the most tumultuous periods in Boston's history.

charlestown high school

Revisiting Charlestown — In the late '70s, this neighborhood made headlines for its opposition to court-ordered school desegregation. We dig into WGBH's archives and return to the high school to see the many changes since then.

tregor bill

The Toll Of The Tregor Bill — The 1981 political standoff pitted every conceivable stakeholder against one another. There was money, politics, gamesmanship and personalities. In the end, Boston may have won ... but its mayor lost.

black leaders

Insights Into Mayor Kevin White And His Era — Watch and hear analysis and memories from people who experienced the changes under White's tenure — whether they were attacked on City Hall Plaza or arguing inside the building.

boston herald

Beat The Press: White's Passing Re-Ignites Feud — During the Kevin White funeral coverage, WGBH's "Greater Boston" briefly became the news when an argument broke out on-set over a 30-year-old spoiled scoop. Watch some of the footage we didn't air.

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